Robert Michaud

A black pen drawing of Rob's Unseelie Sluagh.

"Damien Asher"
A stunning full background piece portraying James Sammon's Sabbat character.

"Where The Heart Lies"
Created originally in pen, this contrasting piece of Renee and Serraphazel was then edited with photoshop. This was published in the Winter 2001/2002 issue of Requiem.

"Sir Dredge and Trophet"
This Changeling piece is a series of ink drawings done by Rob for his first children's book. The book can be viewed in its online form here. Two of Rob's Sir Dredge pictures (this one and another) were recently published in the Camarilla's Fall 2001 Requiem magazine.

Rob captured this image from NIN's "Perfect Drug" video and edited it with photoshop. So pretty.

Brighton Wood

A pencil drawing of a Lasombra Antitribu.

"Renee DeCouer"
An original pencil drawing of Renee, a messed up Toreador Anti, touched up with photoshop.

Another pencil character sketch colored with photoshop.

Eric Anderson

"The Struggle With Daemons"
A fantastic ink drawing colored with photoshop.

"Mad G/Jera(u)ld"
A conceptual look at our favorite 'nonexistant' character.

"Jerith Korben"
Another page of multiple poses of the same character.

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