In the darkest night...In the unforgiving eye of the sun... It strikes when least expected, leaving a wake of tears to sweep away the remains of...
Character Death

Sometimes you expect it, sometimes you plan it, and sometimes it hits you like lightning. Any way it happens, character death is unavoidable. Even the strongest may fall while the weak survive only to be hit by a truck while they're watching you smolder/scream/bleed those b-stards!!!

Eh-hem. The point of all this? You will die a horrible death. Err, your character that is. Whether she's/he's immortal, hairy death, or innocence incarnate, he or she will die eventually. Such is the World of Darkness. Here, in chronological order (from first death to most recent) is a small memorial for those who have perished as a result of revenge, loathing, spite, or pure accident. Whether the deaths are trivial or grand, each character here will be remembered. Amen.

D.J. Puddle- whose heart was swallowed by a Snake. The Tremere were curious... like cats one might say. Poor D.J. will be remembered for his valiant attempt to keep the demons from our world, and some funky music. D.J. Puddle of clan Malkavian was played by Robert Michaud.
Allara Dieda- who trusted too well. The taxi service in Fairbanks just isn't what it used to be, and Alaska Airlines? Well, we won't get into that... Allara will be remembered for... Um.. Who is Allara again? Allara of clan Malkavian was played by? Oh yeah, Brighton Wood. Whoever that is.
Victor Romanenko- who died a warrior's death. The evil exploding vampire kind. Yet all we can ask for is to be remembered, and Victor will be remembered for causing the greatest break in the masquerade EVER. Victor R. of clan Tzimisce was played by Eric Naiche Anderson.
Victor Vykos- who died against perilous odds... against him... So, really it isn't that strange. Even magical vampires just can't hold out forever against angry hunters with high-tech sniper rifles. Victor V. of clan Tremere was played by Charlie Pierce, the Chapter Story Teller at the time!
Tori Bundy- who died of player sacrifice as an act of revenge. Didn't I mention before that the Tremere were too curious for their own good? Tori will most definately be remembered as the most flamboyant dresser to hail from clan Tremere. Tori was played by Robert Michaud.
Bob, Bob Micob- who was killed by an unlikely suspect, and after such a nice donation to the Prachett Clinic... Not that those two facts are connected. He will be remembered for crossing the line with family DeMonet one step too far. Bob, Bob Micob of clan Ravnos was played by James "Z Man" Zarones.
Santino Espinoza- whose status could not protect him against those of no status. Even the most unassuming Tremere are suspicious by association. He will be remembered for being the nicest Tremere to ever blood-bond a Ventrue. Santino of clan Tremere was played by Charlie Pierce. Yep, he likes them Tremere some good.
Zachary Phillips- who met adversity at every turn. None were there to talk him down in his last moments. But at least he will be remembered by a few as a truly repentant Kindred who decided to end his existence rather than continue to degrade into brutal beastiality. Zachary Phillips of clan Ventrue was played by James Zarones.
Ezekiel- whose aloof independence may have lead to his demise. The Packless of the Sabbat are at disadvantage in a city full of angry Camarilla Kindred. The Sabbat's one and only DJ will be remembered for his outrageous displays during rituals. Ezekiel of clan Gangrel was played by Tyler A. Brooks.
Damien Asher- who was set upon by friend and foe. Worse creatures than those of the Sword of Caine prowl the night, and now they have claimed one of Alaska's most loyal Sabbat as one of their victims. Damien Asher, Nosferatu Antitribu, was played by James Sammons.
Rev. Dimsdale- who strayed too far from the pack, and now his destiny lies unclaimed. The Lutheran Christians of Fairbanks will greatly mourn his passing. And what will become of the dozen ghouled boys whose only parent and teacher was the Reverend? Reverend Dimsdale of the Ventrue Antitribu was played by Robert Michaud.
Merrik, the Killa J.- who was the Alaskan Sabbat's favorite Omega, could no longer fend off the inevitable. The horrific creatures of Valdez would not let him leave or stay, and so sent him to meet the shadows of beyond. Merrik aka Killa J. of clan Lasombra was played by James 'the man' Zarones.
Helga- whose voice went unheard, and skill unnoticed. She was perhaps the most like what the Sabbat should be; she was dedicated, followed her leaders, and used her fleshcrafting powers to aid the Sabbat. Helga of clan Tzimisce was played by Lynn Burkett.
'George'- who pissed off most of the Camarilla, but died fighting the good fight for Lies, Injustice, and the Blood-Sucking way. George will be remembered for surviving 6 or 7 bloodhunts all in one year. That 'crazy' Malk was played by Dennis Digan.
Kvichak- aka, Pyro Malk, who was a lost relic from another time. He just didn't understand why no one else liked the pretty fire. But alas, the Camarilla of Fairbanks are harsh and cruel, and demanded his death for 'breeching the Masquerade'. Poor Kvichak, a childe of Malkav, was played by Dustin Gridley.
Reverend Job- who was too humane for his own good. It doesn't pay to be a vampiric priest in Alaska, nor a Malkavian for that matter. The good Father finally felt peace, though, in release from the curse of the embrace. Rev. Job of clan Malkavian was played by Jamez Zarones.
The Wanderer- who was caught being in the wrong clan at the wrong time. Was it really the Sabbat who attacked him, or the Anarchs itching to start a war? The Wanderer will be remembered for his cute fluffy tail and cute fluffy fangs. Oh wait... This Gangrel was played by Kris Botkin.
Alucard- whose ashes lie in an unknown grave. Who really killed this eager Cainite? Why? Why, God why? Tzimisce just don't have a healthy unlife span in Alaska, and Alucard was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was played by Buddy Seay. Fare thee well.
Darrel- who definately fell into that category of in the wrong place at the wrong time. Damn. Lots of characters die that way. Hmm... It wasn't his fault that he was being manipulated by Garou... Darrel, a very innocent Gangrel, was played by James Zarones.
Mr. Anderson- the original Ghetto Blaster, will be remembered as the muscle behind the death of Alexander DeMonet's eternal companion, Christopher. Then he was gacked by a mysterious force... and just as he was finally rousing the Anarchs, too. Tsk tsk tsk. Marcus Anderson was played by James Zarones.
Venin Attercop- who suffered the injustice of being a Traditionalist in a corrupt society. He only wanted to do the duty of any good Cammarilla member and uphold The Traditions. Unfortunately, it's all in the semantics. This time, semantics forfeited a soul. Venin Attercop was played by Robert Michaud.

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