The Straw Dog Society

Member Name E-Mail ICQ NPO Number WW Number
Chapter Coordinator
The Marquis Robert Michaud E-mail Rob 32617410 2000-10-016 US2002021801
Assistant Chapter Coordinator
The Duchess Brighton Wood E-mail Brighton n/a 2000-10-015 US2002023130
Chapter Storyteller
Jason "Squeeky" Sanders E-mail Jason n/a 2001-09-157 US2002022328
Assistant Chapter Storyteller
The Duchess Brighton Wood E-mail Brighton n/a 2000-10-015 US2002023130
Domain Coordinator
Rear Admiral James Sammons E-mail James 11347414 2000-06-024 US2002021812
Domain Storyteller
Fleet Admiral Tyler Brooks E-mail Tyler 4214371 2000-04-208 US2002022858
Assistant Domain Storytellers
Corporal Sudiptya Banerjee- Influences E-mail Sudiptya 21981506 9910-012 US2002022419
The Omnicient James Zarones- Mage E-mail Jamez n/a 2001-07-022
General Membership
Commodore Charlie Pierce E-mail Charlie 63886421 2000-06-014 ???
Ian Billington Email Ian n/a 9805101 US2002023166
Sir Eric Anderson of Ft. Wainwright Email Eric n/a 2001-07-016 US2002022982
High Queen Lynn Burkett E-mail Lynn 4673122 2001-07-140 US2002022352
Royal Executioner Dennis Digan Don't E-mail Dennis 20702309 2000-08-107
Kris "Deceiver" Botkin E-mail Kris n/a n/a pending
Dustin "Salsa Pants" Gridley E-mail Dustin n/a n/a US2002034183
Buddy "The Terminator" Seay E-mail Buddy n/a n/a pending

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