Original Character Sheets
Now in Wallet Size!

Here are original character sheets designed by Robert Michaud. They are easily stored into your wallet. There's even a section below on how to fold them up right so that the important information is on the outsides for viewing ease. With the bisected O system, you can keep track of both your temporary and permanent traits (I usually fill in the top half for the permanent trait and the bottom half for the temporary trait). Of course, you'll all need an Adobe Acrobat Reader of some sort to view and print the sheets. You can get that here

Now if you're wondering how to fold these character sheets all spiffy like. Simply attend to the following image. The "T" is a helping reference to the main title pannel with the character's information (nature, demeanor, etc.). By folding it like this, you have the main title pannel and the bisected O's on the outside, allowing easier access and manipulation of permanent and temporary traits (blood, rage, corpus, etc.).

If you have any problems, simply e-mail me at lord_ralph@hotmail.com. Enjoy!