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*Note: Many below points are somewhat moot now that he has been diablerized by another Malkavian, and has "uploaded" the essence of himself and his insanity into the MMN. (Nov. 2002)

What has happened to him since his embrace?

Vincenzo was initiated into the underground Sabbat movement. He was quickly swept out of Italy as the world war hindered the activity of both sects. After the war, he returned to Italy with his pack (including his sire) to attempt to wrest power from the Camarilla. He saw his family again and experienced his first psychotic break. As he watched his beloved Matteo dying, he tried and failed to embrace him. The vampire blood only heightened his illness, and after cursing his father, Matteo finally died. Vincenzo went on a killing spree, murdering his wife and slaying his sire. The Sabbat wyld-hunted him, so he ran to the Camarilla. They agreed to safeguard him in exchange for sect secrets. This didn’t last very long, though, before the Sabbat got to him. The Camarilla, believing him a double-agent, called a blood hunt on him. Seeing him as a valuable pawn, the Sabbat kept him around instead of killing him. They ripped from his mind what he learned of the Camarilla during his time with them and left Italy again to use him as a real double-agent elsewhere.

Still angered at his escape, the Camarilla of Northern Italy tracked down his remaining mortal son, Thierry, who had since been placed in a notorious insane asylum for youth in Greece. Knowing that Malkavians had a strange way of communicating with each other, they had Theirry embraced by the local Malkavian Primogen. After giving him a crash-course education, they left him with a fanatic sense of urgency in finding his father by any means neccessary.

After moving from Europe to the USA in the 1960s, Vincenzo and his pack met up with a pack of B’hari. He fell in with them, learning of their ways and renouncing Caine. He left his pack, and the Sabbat altogether. Knowing he had only caused problems in the past, they let him go, and were shortly after wiped out by an unprovoked and unexpected Anarch raid. The B’hari slowly eked away his humanity and he took well to the path of Lilith, mutating it to his own beliefs about the coming of Malkav. Eventually, he wandered away from the coven to seek knowledge and start a garden of his own. He began by watching children, the pain of his son’s death provoking him to find a replacement for the lost child. He stalked them as they grew up, until finally revealing himself and inducting them to the B’hari way. All too soon, he realized that his persual drove them mad, and one way or another they ended up dead.

In 1979 he met Bobbi, who was 8 at the time. He inserted himself into her life as an ‘imaginary’ friend, attempting again to discover the innocence which reminded him of Matteo. The same pattern emerged; she began to lose her sanity in her early twenties as he started appearing to her. This time, he was unwilling to let his obsession go. He caught her soon after she attempted to commit suicide and kept her alive long enough to coerce her into shooting her husband before he embraced her.

To Vincenzo’s great distress, Bobbi refused to accept him and was initiated into the Sabbat weeks later. He continued to follow her, still obsessed with forcing her to see reality his way. By rallying the Camarilla under a different guise, he had her pack destroyed while he kept her safely away. Again, she refused him and fled to Alaska. After several confrontations thereafter, they finally reached a very tentative agreement. She wouldn’t try to kill him every chance she got if he would stay away from the Sabbat. Believing it a sign she is giving in, he agreed and has remained in Fairbanks, ‘enlightening’ the numerous children of Malkav in the area. Unbeknownst to Vincenzo, Thierry is still hunting for him...

Tips for role-playing Vincenzo

-He is ineffable. The characters he interacts with shouldn’t be able to tell where he’s coming from or where he’s going. His speech is abstract and often riddle-like, but he can speak eloquently with concentration. He usually acts reserved, but can be quite violent.

-His primary goal is to divine Malkav’s will and prepare for his awakening. He believes part of this is to make other children of Malkav aware by ‘teaching’ them (forcing his reality on them), often through pain both physical and mental.

-He often gets into overwhelming situations because he believes Malkav will protect him. He tends to get out of them through judicious use of Dementation and Obfuscate.

-He doesn’t particularly care about the Masquerade, but he doesn’t want humans banging on his door with pitchforks and torches either. So he carefully plays the field on his own, some nights tricking the Sabbat, other times aiming at the Camarilla.He enjoys pranking them both, usually by pitting them against themselves or each other. He plants seeds of doubt with Dementation and Mask of 1000 faces by stalking his victims and absorbing their personality/demeanor/quirks.

-Sometimes for months on end, The Demon Man will go into torpor because he simply doesn’t see the point of continuing to play the game. He gets especially depressed and listless after trying to fight with Bobbi. He doesn’t understand why she can’t see his point of view and just listen to him without trying to battle it. These depressive episodes are balanced (or counterbalanced) by long bouts of manic activity. When he pursues something, he does it constantly and with his entire concentration. His fanatic demeanor impels him further, giving him seemingly endless energy. When he is manic, his thoughts are uncontrollable and he appears to act on a whim with no logic and has trouble speaking coherently. His antisocial personality is reflective of a child. He does what he wants, when he wants, for however long it amuses him. He has very little regard for others as real people, but he loves to play with them. His emotions stay buried inside him, and he rarely shows anything but laconic disinterest.

Character Sheet Stats

Vincenzo Vecchio aka Demon Man/ NPC
Independent Tenth Gen. Malkavian
Sire: Ragni
Haven: recently vacated or abandoned homes
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Monster

Physical Traits (10)- *3*
Athletic, Dexterous, Ferocious x2, Nimble, Quick x2, Rugged, Tireless, Tough
Neg: Docile

Social Traits (11)- *7*
Commanding x2, Empathic, Friendly, Intimidating x2, Magnetic x2, Persuasive x2, Witty
Neg: Tactless

Mental Traits (12)- *9*
Alert, Attentive, Clever x2, Cunning, Dedicated x2, Determined x2, Insightful, Shrewd, Vigilant
Neg: Irrational

Abilities (17)
Intimidation x2, Empathy x3, Stealth x2, Brawl, Dodge, Survival, Subterfuge x3, Occult, Linguistics (Italian, English), Security, Melee, Awareness x2

Backgrounds- (13) *8*
Contacts x2 Cam Lore 2, Sabbat Lore 2, Cainite Lore 2, Malkavian Lore 3, Bahari Lore 2

Auspex OOOO
Animalism O
Celerity OO
Dementate OOOOO
Dominate OOO
Obfuscate OOOOO

Merits: Eidetic Memory
Flaws: Touch of Frost, Hunted (2- by his embraced son Thierry)

Willpower: 5
Bloodpool: 14

Virtues- Path ofLillith/Malkav: 3
Conviction: 3
Instinct: 2
Courage: 4

Identification, Bipolar, Antisocial PD, Obsession w/son & Bobbi, Claustrophobia, Megalomania, Hallucinations of spiders and the voice of Malkav

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