Character Conduct

Character Development

Answering these questions about your character(s) could be helpful to you, as is writing a 300 page background or simply coming up with some common sense advice like Vis Sierra did (see below). They give one's character depth, and make it infinitely easier to role-play them well. Who wants to sit around and wait for you to decide what your character will do in any given situation? You can put as much (or as little) effort into answering these questions as you want. You will be timed and graded at the end of the test. Ready? Go!

Character Analysis

How to Pick an Inappropriate Derangement, a Work in Progress
"You might be a fishmalk if..."

Written by Vis Sierra

Again, thanks to Vis Sierra for coming up with this well-worded list of advice and letting us post it for everyone to read.

Playing a Malkavian? Having trouble with convincing insanity &/or fishmalk-ism? The Maniac's Guide to Malkavian Derangements is an excellent source for players and storytellers. Check it out! It won't hurt... much.

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