Title: Dr. Gary Prachett

Clan: Malkavian

Occupation: Missing

Apparent Age: 35

Famous For: Refusing to join the Camarilla, His beautiful Clinic

Common Quote: "I have no intentions of joining such a brutal and primitive society."
"The world needs my help, son."

Played By: Robert Michaud
Characater Bio: Dr. Gary Prachett is something of a inspiration in the medical field. He attended Harvard and Yale achieving a double doctorates degree in Psychiatry and Psychology. He then spent several years in Chicago as Vice President of the Chicago Zarones Medical Clinic. Two years ago, shorty after his embrace, Dr. Prachett had somewhat of a revelation. He wanted to transcend humanity. He then dedicated his remaining years to aiding and helping people to his fullest. It was then that he closed the Zarones Medical Clinic due to failed inspection codes and moved to Fairbanks to open his own clinic. It was in Fairbanks that he first met up with other vampires, primarily the Camarilla. Due to his pursuit of humanity, he has abandoned the dysfunctional Camarilla. Currently, the Prachett Clinic is up and running, but closes every evening at 5pm. The Prachett Clinic was once a safe place for Anarchs and Malkavians (Click here for a Floor Plan), but since the Doctor's disappearance, the Clinic has been closed to all Kindred.

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