Title: Harley

Clan: Brujah-Antitribu

Station: Bitch

Apparent Age: 24

Infamous For: Questioning Everything, Being regularly torpored and/or staked

Vehicle Of Choice: a Harley... of course

Common Quote: "But why..."

Played By: Dustin Gridley
Character Bio: Poor Harley, an 'innocent' abandoned neonate, stumbled into a very bad situation which only proceeded to get much worse. True, he did miss the joy of having his arms fleshcrafted to his ankles by Scipio, but he has also missed any sense of leadership the Sabbat once had. Every time he struggles to find answers to the questions only he sees as obvious, someone blows his skull off with a shotgun or his arms are torn off by lupines. Poor dear Harley. Whatever will become of him?

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