Title: Jean-Paul Calais

Occupation: Unemployed Musician

Apparent Age: 26

Famous For: Sleeping with a witch!

Common Quote: *French Accent* "You know..."

Played By: Tyler Brooks
Characater Bio: Jean-Paul Calais is a gregarious but moody fellow. He rolled into to town one blustery autumn eve accompmanied by his friend and packmate Skipp Jabs-the-Wyrm-in-the-Arse, later to be joined by the now deceased Voice-in-the-Darkness. Together they formed a pack dedicated to Raven known as the Blackfeather Creed which has since split up since Voice's untimely death. Now Jean-Paul is filled with angst from the death of one friend and the alienation of an another, not to mention being responsible for the inadvertant destruction of the Tanana Flats Caern. Now Jean-Paul has become a near recluse, his moods swinging more and more to the depressive. As he teeters on the edge of Harano he looks for a way to throw himself into the jaws of the great Disolver and be redeemed in the same stroke.

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