Title: Prof. Jonathan Whitney

Clan: Brujah-Antitribu

Station: Initiated Sabbat

Apparent Age: 40ish

Infamous for: Seeming like a Setite

Weapon Of Choice: Cunning, witts, and a bit of the old willie-nillie

Played By: Robert Michaud
Character Bio: This charismatic fellow just seemed to show up one night. For some reason, he knew all of the answers to the questions plauging the Sabbat. Since then, he's been more than agreeable to their situation, aiding them whenever they need such. And yet, at the same time, it seems as though he is looking for something. He tries to hide it's importance, and yet his very existence seems dependent on this mysterious object. Regardless of rumors, though, he is a prominent teacher of literature and theology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has traveled the world, and indeed seems to know many of it's secret wonders. That is the measly ammount of information that Jonathan will share.

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Image Courtesy of Alan Rickman
Altered Art by Robert Michaud
No... Mr. Rickman is not an Infernalist. It is an altered image.