Title: Sir Juan Louis Del Castillon

Clan: Lasombra

Station: Pack Ductus

Apparent Age:

Infamous For: being shadowy and secretive, oooh!

Weapon Of Choice: the darkness from the void

Common Quote:

Played By: James Sammons
Character Bio: Juan is displeased. Juan showed up to the Sabbat of Alaska just in time to help them against their crusade to take Valdez. Juan did his very best, including capturing the Prince of Valdez. Juan was promised to be made the Templar of Bishop Gideon. Then his impudent childe, Daniel Sauft, showed up and everything fell apart. The war began going badly. Gideon had to leave. No more paladin position. Daniel constantly threatens to kill him. The Bishop is insane. Yes, Juan is rather displeased.

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