Michelle and Sarah
written by Lynn Burkett

Sometimes I miss mommy and daddy. Sometimes I think that they cared about me- that's why they let me out of the attic once and awhile to play. I wasn't always in the attic, mommy and daddy used to be happy. But when daddy started drinking and hitting mommy, everything changed. I try not to think of it, I leave that to Sarah.

Sarah says that mommy and daddy did bad things to me, but I don't remember only Sarah remembers.  I think that's why Sarah is always so angry.  She comes to me in my dreams, but sometimes I think she takes control.  I can't remember how mommy and daddy died, I just remember waking up in a cave in Adam's arms.  He said that he was sorry that he made me like him.  He says that I'm really ugly now, so he taught me how to hide so I don't scare people.

I can't see my reflection because Sarah won't let me.  She says that it would scare me too much.  I like Adam.  He said that he was going to do what he did to me to mommy and daddy, to make them pay for what they had done, but when he got there it was too late, so he had to do it to me to save me.  He says that I'm a vampire.


Mommy and daddy hit me.  Daddy did bad things to me, and told me never to tell mommy, but mommy knew.  She just didn't care.  She could have saved me from daddy, but she never did.  Maybe she was also afraid of daddy, but she didn1t stop him.  She yelled at me, too.  I think she blamed me for daddy's moods.  Mommy and daddy didn't want me.  They never wanted me. At first they tolerated me, but then they locked me in the attic.  Michelle doesn't remember the worst times.  I remember so she doesn't have to.

I took care of mommy and daddy so that they couldn't hurt me and Michelle anymore.  One night I climbed down from the attic when daddy forgot to lock it.  I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife.  I went to mommy and daddy's bedroom.  First I stabbed mommy; I hated her most because she just sat by and let everything happen.  She screamed before she died, and woke up daddy. Daddy hit me over and over, but I kept stabbing him.  He died, but so did I, according to Adam.  He said that when he got there, I was still warm, but dead.  He did the only thing he could to save me and Michelle.

I know that I am hideous.  I can't bear to look at myself in the mirror, which is why I shelter Michelle from that image.  I suffer so much just so she can be happy.  If anyone dares try to harm her, they will have me to deal with.


I had been watching the Morris family for awhile.  The father and mother constantly abused their daughter, Michelle- a poor innocent wisp of a child. She couldn't defend herself against those horrible monsters.  I was going to make them pay for what they had done.  Everything was arranged I had contacted a relative, impersonating the parents, asking them to show up at the house to take Michelle for the weekend.  They didn't know about what the child had gone through. 

I was waiting outside, invisible to their eyes when I heard the scream.  I ran towards its source, but by the time I got there it was too late.  Michelle was dead, and so were her parents.  I couldn't just let her lie there and die- she reminded me so much of my sister who I lost many years ago.  I must not have been thinking straight but I saved her the only way I knew how.  By turning her into a monster, just like me.

For some reason the child doesn't seem to notice, god knows why.  Most of the time when I talk to her she can't even recall her father abusing her.  But when she does, she acts differently.  I almost wonder if she isn't alone in her head.

written by Lynn Burkett

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