Michelle and Sarah
written by James Zarones

Warning: Graphic Content

Hundreds.  Thousands of them.  All of them were her father in some way. Their cold dead faces stared back at her.  They had taken her life, and now they gave it to her.  Sarah bristled at the thought that they might close this list down.  Why was it wrong to want to be safe?  Sarah could take care of herself now, but what about the other children in Alaska?  Could they stop these men, these thousands of careless men, all of them were her father.

Scrolling further down the page she saw that a new one had been posted. Gary was his name.  They had used a picture of Gary from a few years ago. Nobody who got caught molesting young children and went through the court system would have a grin like that.  Or would they?  Sometimes Sarah couldn't even will herself to read the full paper, if she did, she would come to the judgements page, and find out that some sick fuck had been sentenced to 3 months in jail....not much time for the life of terror and shame that that persons victim would now lead.

Sarah felt herself beginning to lose it.  She glanced around her dank and shadowy alcove.  A large rat was in the corner eating the corpse a cat it had caught on the first level earlier in the day.  Sarah knew, because she asked.  Sarah also knew that if she didn't do something, she was going to lose it.  She crooned and the rat scuttled across the room to her.  Its jaw was out of place slightly, and its back legs were twice as thick as its front ones.

Easily lifting it off of the ground, Michelle stared into its bloodshot yellow eyes.  The rat looked like it was trying to grin at her.  Sarah grinned back, and snapped its neck.  Then she bit into it and drank the rest of its vitae, pretending that it was her dad that she was killing.  Sarah stared at the lifeless corpse of the rat.  She almost felt bad for killing such an innocent companion, but she didn't.  So she tossed it down the hall and it sailed into her pond.  It made a kerplunking sound as it sunk into the depth of the half alive sludge.

Sarah turned her attention back to the glowing screen in front of her. Gary was still smirking at her.  Sarah wondered if he would smirk tonight.


The small girl closed her eyes like she had for the entire year.  The man was doing it again, and there was nothing she could do about it.

"I'm done." He grunted.

Marie crawled away from him and put her panties and dress back on.  She just wanted things to be like they had before she had this class.  But Mommy and Daddy would kill her if Mr. Slate told them how bad of a girl she was. They would send her away, like Mr. Slate had told her they would.


Sarah fought a battle with Michelle.  Sarah wanted to fly across the room unrestrained.  She wanted to shiskabob this pig fucker then and there. Michelle said hold back.  Don't make the girl watch it.  Michelle had to watch it.  She didn't want that for her.

Let go Michelle!  I'm going to do it!  I swear to Fucking God I'm going to do it!  It will hurt for him like it hurts for her!  Fuck Fuck Fuck!

Don't make it worse for her than it has to be Sarah.  I agree that he should be punished.  But wait until she leaves the room atleast.  Knock her out so she forgets what happened tonight.  Then go in there and do whatever you want to do...I can't watch though, and I don't want to know.

Fuck you Michelle.  I'm tired of your Goddam Passive Agressive shit.  If you want him dead, then let me do it!

I'll let you do whatever you want to him Sarah, just don't make her watch.

The beast stirred, and strained, but agreed to wait, to pounce stragetically.


Marie, with tears in her eyes, left the panting man and started to hobble out of the room.  Why would God do something like this to her.  She didn't even want to exist.  Why couldn't she just color and play like other girls? She decided to go and watch tv until her parents picked her up, they went out everyweek...maybe they would come back early tonight.  Marie tried to feel happy about cartoons, when she saw herself in the corner of her eyes. She tried to get a better look when she felt a squishy feeling on her head and toppled to her knees.


Gary knew he would need Marie again in a moment.  He could feel himself hard again.  He wanted to touch the soft folds of her young pussy, untouched by everyone except for him.  First he wanted to take more pictures of her. For every picture he donated to the list, he got to download one.  How he loved that list.  Gary began to stir, reaching for his Polaroid, when he felt a small hand on his leg.

Gary looked up and it was Marie, so beautiful, so perk, but she looked happy.  The naked girl slowly climbed up him, licking every inch of his body....caressing his throbbing cock, which had streaks of blood on it from Marie earlier....she smiled deeply and moaned in the little girl voice as she sat on his cock and exhaled in pleasure.

Gary didn't know what to think.  He didn't think it was funny that she was pretending to enjoy this.  He would make her enjoy it he thought to himself with a sadistic tinge.  Gary reached up to her hips to press down.  But marie's hands wrapped around his wrists and pushed them to the floor as she rocked back and forth on him.  Gary, miffed again, began to respond angrily as he pushed his arms back up into the air.  Only they didn't go up into the air.  He pushed with all of his might but nothing happened.  He stared awe struck, not knowing what to do.

The laugh of a woman broke his concentration on his wrists.  He looked up and screamed.  A monster stared back into his soul.  One of her eyes was yellow, the size of a quarter, the other eye was red and the size of a softball.  She only laughed harder and continued to fuck the screaming man. Gary had thought that the fluids that adorned his body had come from him, and from Marie earlier, but he realized that the fluids were leaking out of this monstrocity on top of his hips.  Pustulas adorned her naked body, so did a large weeping wound on her forehead, the rest of her skin was mottled and rubbery.

Suddenly she stopped laughing and Gary screamed in pain again.  He felt his wrists collapse from the pressure of her little hands.  Sarah smirked at the screaming man.  This was kinda fun.  Sarah bent down and drove her sharp and curled daggerlike teeth into the mans chest.  He didn't feel the usual pleasure that people feel, because Michelle was knawing at him, not drinking.  He shrieked in more pain, and Sarah felt the exctasy of this torture.  Sarah began lapping up the blood that was spurting out of the man.   She snaked her tongue inside of his body and poked one of his lungs.  The man gurgled and passed out.

Oh no.  He won't be allowed to die unaware.  I think I will have to take this one home with me.

Tell me where you are going to put him Sarah, I don't want to be a part of this.

Sarah smacked the mans forehead and fractured his skull, giving him a powerful concussion.  She got up off of the man and put her clothes back on.   She walked down through the room and found the girl lying on the floor. She did feel pity for this one.

I will take care of her Sarah.  Leave her to my care.

Yes, so she can grow up just like us, except without security.  With fear. Shame.

Michelle wept.  She knew the girl would grow up even worse off than she was.  Nothing she could do could prevent that now.

I can prevent it.  I know a way to handle this, she won't have to grow up remembering any of this at all.

Really?  How???

Give me control.  I will tell you later.

Okay, but promise this isn't one of your tricks!??!!!

I promise.


Sarah walked over to the dining room table and broke a leg off of the chair.  She stood over Marie and reminded herself she was doing the girl a favor.....before she drove the wood through the little girls skull.

written by James Zarones

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