Title: Skippy Star-Runner, previously Jabs-the-Wyrm-in-the-Ass

Occupation: college student

Apparent Age: 19

Famous For: Asking too many risque questions to short-tempered elders

Common Quote: "C'mon guys... that's gross... there's gotta be a better way."
"It's always shoot first and ask questions later, isn't it..."

Played By: Robert Michaud
Characater Bio: This boy has seen alot more than someone his age should have. Although he admits to little, some information is known about his past. He was born and underwent his first change in Illinois somewhere. Several months after his first change, he met up with a Silver-Fang by the name of Jean-Paul. After that, their little northern bound possy grew with the addition of the Shadow Lord Voice-in-the-Darkness. Once in Fairbanks, Skippy mingled poorly with the other Fianna, so he was forced to remain with Jean-Paul and Voice. Eventually he joined their pack, seeing as the pack totem was Raven, Skippy's kind of guy. Lately, the lively and comical Skippy has fallen silent. Nobody's really sure why, but his pack mates have their suspicions.

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