Listed below are the vampire clans of Fairbanks, Alaska as currently played by members of the Straw Dog Society. Camarilla and Antitribu clans are listed together for simplicity. Someday this page may grow into a domain-wide one, but for now it only illuminates the portrait of one chapter.

The Gangrel clan has left the Camarilla, but some choose to remain... while some never belonged... The City and Country Gangrel often fight one another, even when on the same side. The Lasombra of the Sabbat have ruled the nights since the passing of the infamous Tzimisce Bishop Amorosso. The DelCastillon family has thrived in Fairbanks until treachery within recently culled their numbers.
Malkavians, whether Camarilla affiliated or Antitribu, still maintain the common thread of insanity. The sharp cold of Alaska may dull the senses, but never the visions which only grow more and more intense. The Nosferatu of Fairbanks are well-suited to the labyrinthe below the city and manipulate the Kindred above from a hidden distance. The animals hear many things, and their words travel swiftly on Northern winds.
What city wouldn't be complete without at least one Charlatan? Fairbanks is unlucky enough to claim two to its repertoire. Have they disappeared? Is this cause for the Camarilla to sigh in relief or to worry more? The Toreador of the city, once proud and charitable, have fallen into disgrace and infamy. Trouble follows at their footsteps affecting Kindred and kine alike. Perhaps it is only the natural cycle calling for a new beginning.
What will the Tremere do now that they have lost their two most powerful members to the Sabbat? The betrayal of the Usurpers only deepens as the countdown to Gehenna becomes glaringly apparent. The Tzimisce presence in the Sword of Caine has been few and far between, allowing the Lasombra to rise to power unchecked. Would their return bring balance, or only cause their silent feud to begin again?
The number of Ventrue who dare the frozen oil-laden plains of Alaska are surprisngly few. The ones who do face the most forbidden temptations in the wake of the fallen Toreador. No one seems to enjoy the company of Assamites, per se, but those who would see them gone are unwilling to speak out for fear of their legendary reputation of deadly skill.
Ahh, the good/bad ol' Giovanni. It's no small wonder that the Della Passaglia family chose Fairbanks as a prime location what with the plethora of wraiths left behind by careless Kindred and inhumane Sabbat. Brujah, a staple for both the violence-prone Sabbat and anxiously defensive Camarilla. Hard to fight and harder to kill, many have staked out Fairbanks as a permanent home.
Setites have also chosen to erect a temple to their dark God in the lightless winters of the far North. Has their influence eroded since the absence of the infamous Dominic Green? Caitiff and Panders often wander into the seemingly unmarked territory of Alaska. The pressure on them in old or conservative cities is lacking in Fairbanks, allowing the Harbingers of Gehenna to do as they please.
Even Salubri are not unknown to the city. Only one, so far, has joined the crusade of the Sword of Caine. A warrior has much with which to appease its lust for vengeance in the dark nights to come. Samedi? What's that?

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