Malkav's Brood

Maximillian Alastor Chauncery Philbourne (Esquire) Camarilla, Ancilla - This strange and rather eerie man recently appeared, busily scribbling in a small notebook, seeming to claim some connection to the Kook Boston Sykes. Within mere months he gained multiple boons and the position of Harpy (much to the dismay of some).
Jeffrey Camarilla, Mute - ... Yes, exactly. What does he know? Just about damn near everything. It's amazing how some mistake silence as sympathy.
Nickolai "Gadgit" Ramier Camarilla, MIA - This Russian Camarilla loyalist has vanished recently. Not that it's particularly strange for a Malkavian to do so, but he seemed to have his cold fingers in a great many hot pies which have been stolen in the meantime (to continue a thinly stretched metaphor).
Dr. Gary Prachet Independent, MIA - Once a member of the Camarilla, as well as a brief Anarch, this Psychiatrist seems to have disappeared, perhaps for good. Has revenge been taken by the Toreador who he once tried to rehabilitate? Or has the Doctor merely fled, only leaving behind his clinic to a strange Nurse Glade?
Bobbi Goldenthal Sabbat, Bishop - The occasional Bishop of Spirituality has taken the mantle once again after the Angel of Caine, Gideon Devion, revoked the title claiming it to have been a ruse all along. Who cares that she's obviously deranged and paranoid as all get out? Not the Sabbat...
Nathan Sabbat, Bitch - Although carrying the very fashionable look of a certain Bishop's name carved into his face, his sudden dissheveled appearance in the Sabbat has stirred whispered questions and silent concerns. Being undead doesn't make you a bad EMT, right?