Garou Venue Sheet


Venue Name: Strawdog Society (AK-011)
Genre: Garou
Contact: CST Jason Sanders(E-mail)
DST Tyler Brooks (E-mail)
ACC Brighton Wood (E-mail)
CC Rob Michaud (E-mail)
Place/Time: Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks, Gruening Building, Friday or Saturday 7- 11PM
Theme/Mood: Currents moods of the venue include fighting against all odds, fellowship,exploration, savage horror, spiritual enlightenment, and hopelessness.  Wetry to get across the feel that the Earth is dying and the Garou's battle is a losing one.
Character Restrictions: Combat/physical orientated character concepts that do not have a well developed and reasonably plausible background will not be allowed in sanctioned play.  This is improvisational acting not a rock-paper-scissors tournament.
Proxy Rules: Proxy characters may find themselves in reduced roles due to small ST cast.
Travel: Most of Alaska is firmly Garou territory, one of their last bastions in fact, so wilderness travel is not a problem for most hardy characters.  In the major urban areas though, there is considerable Vampiric activity. Fairbanks recently experienced a Sabbat invasion; Garou are advised to travel with their packmates while in the city proper.
Challenges: Narrated combat takes precedence over straight challenges; prefer to forego systems in general when role-playing will do.
House rules: Any tests argued with a Narrator/ST are assumed to be relented to.  Players must sign-in or they will not receive XP for the night.  Excessive dropping of character will be reflected in experience awards.
Style: We're going to keep the game very free flowing allowing for elements of themythical and fantastic to mate with the dark and horrorific.  There will beplenty of room for personal politics and individual storylines.  we're going to try and focus quite a bit on character development. We ask that each playerreflect on their character's ever unfolding persona and their own growth as an improvisational actor at the end of each role-playing session.
Antagonists: The agents of corruption have many faces, including your own reflection.
Visiting Character/Plot Policy: Visiting characters are always welcome in our game.  We only ask that you give us some advance notice before you show up and give a little info about you character's background and his/her goals while they're in town.  As far as non-local plot-devices, influences, etc...  We are willing to work with you as much as we're able and as long as you give a heads-up and it doesn't blatantly screw our local continuity all to hell.  A few curve-balls are nice to throw at our unsuspecting players now and then, just make sure our ST staff is in the know.
Storyteller Information
Venue Storyteller
Name:Tyler Brooks
Address:PO Box 750591 Fairbanks, AK 99775
Phone:(907) 496-8579 (msg)

The following is a list of 'styles of play' that you will use to categorize your game:

Intrigue (politics and negotiation):3
Action (combat and challenges):5
Mystery (enigmas and investigation):4
Drama (ceremony and characterization):3
Darkness (gothic horror):5

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