Areas of the Sabbat

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The Old Sabbat Lair

The City of Valdez, Alaska

Ah, the lovely city of Valdez, Alaska. The mountains jutt from the sea, leaving little room for the small city to nestle down. Valdez is home of the northern-most ice free port and the end of the trans Alaskan Pipeline (Alyeska Marine Terminal). For such a small town with a population of roughly 8000 (in the World of Darkness) there are suspiciously sundry areas to hide from the day. With massive abandoned grain silos (red dot) and old power plants, it is a ripe place for the picking. And that's not to mention Valdez's amazing riches. Not only does the oil run though the city, but the tourists literally flock by the billions to get a glimpse at the famous beauty of Valdez.

The Totem Inn
The Totem Inn has been a meeting place of Valdezians for nearly 40 years. The town renowned Harrison family has owned it since its construction in 1974. Over the years, the family has grown, but suspicioulsy, very few of them ever leave Valdez proper.

R-Bell Design
R-Bell Design is the only interior decorater's office open 24 hours a day within 600 miles. Randy Bell, the owner, is a very wealthy and prestigious man. His many children and children-in-law hold up the good name of Bell. Unfortunately, Randy is far too busy to meet with anyone... especially during the day.

Sandra's Gold & Silver
Sandra's Gold and Silver, like so many private businesses in Valdez, is named after its founding owner. Sandra was a poor tourist who made her way into town hitch hiking. Once here, though, she managed to scrounge up a few bucks and buy a little jewelry shop. As the years passed buy, her shop became famous among the many tourists. Before she knew it, she was extremely wealthy. Her daughter, also named Sandra, took over the shop. People were confused at Sandra senior's death in 1983. She always seemed young and healthy, even in her later years.

Valdez Civic Center
The Valdez Civic Center is often thought of as the only source of entertainment in Valdez. It is here that the only big screen movies are played. It is here where the only real stage is. Here where all the plays, theater and music performances take place. Getting a gig there, though, is next to impossible. The community college pretty much has word over who gets to use it, even though the Civic Center has its own extensive staff who know the darkened labyrinths of the building by heart. It is a classy looking building located atop a hill that overlooks Alyeska and the ocean.

Harbor View Mental Institution
Harbor View was shut down in the mid 80's due to the failure of inspection codes. It was fully abandoned except for one staff member, Joseph Bailey. Even though it is supposedly abandoned at all hours of the night, people in the near by hospital claim to hear screams from the building nearly nightly.

The Valdez City Shop
The City Shop, at a glance, may only seem like a normal city vehicle maintenance shop. What most don't know is that those old shop boys have seen a bit more than they usualy let on. They know the city, and they know what's going on... usually. But then again... in a little community such as Valdez... those out there who the Shop boys are after have to always be one step ahead.

The Valdez Police Force
Sure every town has it's dreaded police force... but Valdez has twenty eight police officers for only 8000 people. With a police force massively outweighing the normal officer to population ratio, they do surprisingly little... unless you cross the wrong people in town. However, most of them are really harmless. With an average of 7 rookies at a time, they're not much of a threat to anyone.

The Valdez Grain Silo
The Valdez grain silo was created back in 1975 for storing barley that was to be imported from interior Alaska... but... like several things in Valdez, they built it before there was a need. In the end, barley was never mass produced in central Alaska, and the massive cement silos now stand alone and empty. They're located on a small island off the Richardson Highway about three miles out of town. Strategically, it's an excellent resource. Cruise ships dock at the floating dock which produces massive numbers of tourists nearly every day during the summer.
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