Sabbat Venue Sheet


Venue Name: Strawdog Society (AK-011)
Genre: Sabbat
Contact: CST Jason Sanders (E-mail)
ACST- Brighton Wood(E-mail)
CC Rob Michaud (E-mail)
Place/Time: Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks, Gruening Building, Friday or Saturday 7- 11PM
Theme/Mood: The current moods and themes we are dealing with in the Sabbat venue are desperation, loyalty and the shedding of humanity.  The Sabbat are outnumbered and outclassed, it is only by sheer force of will and adherence to Sabbat ritual that they can remain in Fairbanks.  The Sabbat are inhuman monsters and are embodiments of the gothic horror so important to Vampire.
Character Restrictions: Despite the violent nature of a Sabbat game, we are not looking for over-powerful, combat oriented characters.  Any such characters will not be allowed in our game without good reason, and a viable background.  In addition, we try to limit the number of characters in game with high level powers, advanced disciplines are rare things, and should be treated as such.
Proxy Rules: Proxy characters may face a reduced role due to a limited ST cast.
Travel: This is Alaska. This is NOT vampire territory.  The few major cities in the state provide small (very small) islands of security.  Lupines will most definitely tear apart any cainite stupid enough to step out of Fairbank’s cramped safety.  Transportation to Alaska should be by air.  Those coming to Fairbanks must realize that this is a small city.  There are too many vampires here for a city twice its size.  Circumstances are desperate and resources are spread thin.
Challenges: Whenever possible, challenges will be resolved by roleplaying as opposed to extended rock-paper-scissors tests.  We prefer to leave rules behind in favor of roleplaying.
House rules: Any tests argued with the Narrator/ST are assumed to be relented to.  Players MUST sign in or they will not be awarded experience for the evening.  If a player drops out of character excessively, this will be reflected in lower XP awards.

Storyteller Information
Venue Storyteller
Name:Jason Sanders
Title:Chapter Storyteller
Address:Fairbanks, AK 99775

The following is a list of 'styles of play' that you will use to categorize your game:

Intrigue (politics and negotiation):4
Action (combat and challenges):4
Mystery (enigmas and investigation):3
Drama (ceremony and characterization):4
Darkness (gothic horror):5

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