The World of Darkness is a scary place for everyone, but everyone sees the danger and mystery differently. The stories and essays presented below demonstrate a variety of viewpoints emphasizing the dark atmosphere of horror we strive for in our Camarilla LARP. Please do not duplicate/reprint/otherwise copy any portion of the works below, or we'll send Jerry and his mom out to get you.

Jason Sanders
Visions A Malkavian's madness or a vision come true?
Visions Part 2
Visions Part 3

Robert Michaud
Hunter The confession of a sinner.
London What is worse than being a ghoul? Being a Sabbat ghoul, of course.
St. Augustine Another, longer, story about London set 10 years in the future.
Behind the Dam Valdez is Hell, a story of gothic horror (and no vampires).
Prose A poetic requim for the innocence of Charles "Skippy" Kendy.

Brighton Wood
Demons A single selection from Brighton's Sabbat character's present day story.

Lynn Burkett
Michelle and Sarah Who says Malkavians have the only bid on insanity?

Group Projects
1st SDS Chain Story Featuring Jame'z character Michael, Rob's character London, and Brighton's character Imre. You will Read it Now and give us Feedback!
Chain Story Part 2
Chain Story Part 3
Chain Story Part 4
Chain Story Part 5

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