Rear Admiral James Sammons III
For the leader of a bloodthirsty pirate fleet, James has been surprisingly rated as quite possibly the "nicest man in the world". Don't get me wrong now, he's done his fair share of raping and pillaging but it is always done with the utmost consideration for other people's needs. Honestly James should be given the title 'Chief of Transportation' because he is gracious enough to ferry (or maybe I should say 'fairy') all his no-good bum friends around all the time. James also has a lovable yet massive beast that he keeps known as Mona. She is as fierce as she is loyal and will tear the nutz off of anyone that James commands her to. James is from Texas too, but we forgave him for that a long time ago *grin*
Position: Sparkly Domain Storyteller
Scourge of the South Seas
Cam/Anarch Characters: Clayton Monroe, isn't dead. No, wait, yes he is.
Josiah Coltrane, Reliable, Confidential, Affordable.
Sabbat Characters: Juan Louis DelCastillon, Lasombra Strategist from Espagne
Randy Marconi, the Pander. So what's it to ya?!

Dustin Gridley, PhD
Sleeping. Softly. Socks. Those are the 3 words most often used to describe this quiet and astute gentleman. Or maybe I'm just desperately poetic... Er, anyway, Dustin showed up at our collective doorstep one day bringing strange gifts, like tupperware, from the far East and beyond!
Position: Delicious Chapter Coordinator!
Cam/Anarch Characters: Celesti, voted Toreador Most Likely to Be In Trouble at Any Given Moment
Benny, the Shyest Little Nos with TB
Garou Characters: Damn Janson, is definately a Ragabash
Sabbat Characters: Harley , who's learned the ways of hypocrisy all too well

Fleet Admiral Tyler A. Brooks, Esquire
Tyler (that's me), is a bit fucked up in the noggin gizzard, if ya know what I mean. He gets these dumb ideas all the time and never follows through on them (see Webster's under: "Tyler's Hair-brained schemes"). In fact this webpage is supposedly being kept up by Tyler (pish!! we'll see how long that lasts *scratches self*). Tyler likes staring at strange beautiful women and beating around the bush long enough only to find out that they are already 'involved', so he turns to cybersex to vent his frustration, which in turn frustrates him more. Anyhow Tyler hangs out with The Tribe too (weeeeeeee!!! I'm speaking in the third person!!! God Bless you Bob Dole!!!).
Position: Lord Admiralty of the Tethys Sea
Cam/Anarch Characters: Mr. Bones, a big ass scary Nosferatu
Maximillion Alastor Chauncery Philbourne, at your thervice
Garou Characters: Jean Paul Sings-From-Dreams, a drunk Cajun Werewolf from N'Orlaans
Sabbat Characters: Nighthawk, the pain you feel shall be pain!

Komerade Kris Botkin
Ah, yes... Our very own Russian spy. Although Kris is neither Russian, nor a spy, we like to send him to political conferences and deport him to Siberia every once in awhile anyway. The origins of this mysterious figure are unknown, but when we hear his cry, "Thrill me!" we always respond, "Yo Baron, I can dig it!" Perhaps his birth had something to do with that Red Star we all saw a while back. And exactly how did he show up knowing all our names, addresses, and pant sizes? Maybe the answers are best left up to the all-seeing Eye, and we should just enjoy his giant sub-woofers of Doom while we still can...
Position: Chapter Gay Wolf-child
Cam/Anarch Characters: Ko'Pek, the Incan Wonder
Garou Characters: George Sieva, sure likes those psychomachia
Sabbat Characters: Zachary Reynolds, is the BESTEST SABBAT EVER, YEAH! Woop!

The Duchess Brighton Wood
Basically, she likes to kill. She likes death so much that she bathes in the ichorous bile of the unholy. She does this so often that her hair has taken a black/red hue of late. Aside from murder, pestilence and decay, you can often find her brooding over her sky-blue space clam (read: iBook). She's not too big on those Ninja Turtle guys, because they have squishy noses, and that just sucks (note: if you are a Ninja Turtle, take out all of your angst on your bastardly rat f*ck of a leader).
Position: High Regis of the Underlost
Director in Chief of the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland Hospital for the Institutionally Warped
Cam/Anarch Characters: Therese Siricci, watches original Star Trek while eating Bon Bons. Hey, I'm just telling you what I heard!
Allison Bradford, is laughing her Assamite-ass off in Canada
Sabbat Characters: Bobbi Goldenthal, Ahi hay who?

Corpor(e)al Sudiptya Banerjee
Well, even though we rarely see this long lost member of our chapter, we feel compelled to carve out a little webspace for him. That and the guys who know him won't do it. However, as a seasonally active member of the Straw Dog Society, we must do him this (in)justice. Sudiptya is this guy, right... Um, actually, he could be a woman... who wears... stuff. He has a couple eyes and arms and likes to role-play. He did that one thing that one time at that place... He may or may not have gone to PKs after game last Friday. He went to India! He talks. Probably. Yep! That's our Sudiptya!
Position: In Fairbanks again! Huzzah!
Cam/Anarch Characters: 'Jim Henson'
Garou Characters: Poison-water, um, wendigo wolfee thingee
Sabbat Characters: Nero, is neither a pander nor a Ravnos

The Glamorous Jason Sanders
Hollywood rumors constantly surround this up-and-coming starlette. When his first role in Kiss Me Beautiful astounded audiences around the globe, he was immediately picked up by an agent, Kelli Little. He went on to smash box-office records with movies like Hell Hath No Fury (as the abducted boyfriend) and The Lord of the Rings trilogy (as the tree elf in the corner of the screen in the first half of Fellowship of the Rings. For his performance in the last movie to be directed by the well-known and loved director, Cameron Harrison, Jason earned an oscar for best supporting actor. After that, Jason fell into relative obscurity and we found him crying into a bottle of Rum in the gutters of Fairbanks, Alaska. We decided it would be cruel and amusing to make him role-play with us.
Position: MIA
Cam/Anarch Characters: Jerry Whiley? Daniel Crockett? The Littlest Assamite?
Sabbat Characters: Kemal Osman, keeping Honor Honorable since the Ottoman Empire
Nathan, the Sabbat's very own EMT
Garou Characters: Dave, that Theurge Bonegnawer guy who everyone thought was a Ragabash

The Marquis Robert Michaud
Known to some as the Sado-Pacifist of yore, it is sometimes believed that Rob is a dogmatic albino general in Satan's army. This horrid assumption, however, is easily thwarted with Rob's kind persuit of education, art and literature, not to mention his anti-violent behavior. In fact, he is so passionately respectful of life that he often takes great offense when a presented individual takes pleasure in such extra curricular activities as murdering wandering animals and man-slaughter. He also changed his original bio here in case other teachers see it.
Position: MIA
Cam/Anarch Characters: Dr. Gary Prachett, dreaming sweet mad dreams
Garou Characters: Skippy Star-Runner, the traumatized Fianna Ragabash
Sabbat Characters: Dr. Gavendish, aka Serraphazel

Commodore Charlie C. Pierce
Also know as the Pulsating Neuron of Love, our dear Charlie is a super-intelligent cocker-spaniel trapped in a Yup'ik man's body. Couple this with with the fact that he's a Scorpio and you've got one pent-up moody little sex machine. Charlie is generally an amiable and jovial character, but he gets moody at times and goes into what we like to call the Scorpio Uber-Funk. This is usualy caused by some bitch woman fucking with Charlie's tender Psyche.
Position: MIA
Garou Characters: Joaquim, that Albino metis guy from the Amazon

Ian M. Billington
Ian is a funny little man who got pressured by the rest of us to be our bi---... I mean original and founding chapter coordinator *angelic smile*. Aside from Ian's meticulous attention to detail, he has many talents including: music, the arts, computers, blah, yackery, and goob. The one time Ian fully used all his talents he managed take over all of the moons in Jupiter's orbital system (never mind that they had gone unclaimed up till then) and we're really proud of him for it. When Ian is not busy entertaining The Lady, he's usually doing stuff relating to his double major (Music & CompSci).
Position: Supreme Dominar of the Jovian Satellites and Associated Planetoids
Cam/Anarch Characters: Ian's Tricky Ravnos, need I explain more?
Garou Characters: Kyril Strikes-Like-Thunder, Adren Uktena Galliard (he is in the woods)

Dr. Dennis J. Digan
Our Dennis by far has to be in at least the Top 10 of the world's most miserly people. Hell, I'm sure that he'd probably get pissed off if he knew I was writing this... Anyhow Dennis and I go way back, we've know eachother since kindergarten (that's German for children's garden, it's also the 'K' in 'K through 12') and he still was a nigardly (look it up in the dictionary, it doesn't mean what you think it does) SOB back then. Aside from being curmudgeonly and a big green mick, Dennis is a great guy *grin*. Oh yeah and he looks really hilarious when he rides on his motor cycle **tee-hee**.... He really doesn't like this image either!
Position: Jeeves the Uber-Schaufer of Doom
President and client of Yo-Yo Dine Industries
Cam/Anarch Characters: Jason, that, err, Toreador guy (he likes bees)(and is definately not an Assamite)

That Ingenious Knight-errant: Eric Naiche Anderson
We don't claim to understand Eric, but we claim him all the same. Perhaps he is an entity from another dimension. Perhaps he has evolved to a state of mind higher than our own. Or perhaps he's just a Gothic Christian Military Soldier with a penchant for listing to The Proclaimers 500 Miles over and over and over and over again. His drawing skills are world-renowned, at least in Rob's room, and his creative LARP personas have spread fear to tiny starving children in Illinois. The picture really says it all.
Position: MIA forever?
Head stunt driver for Jackie Chan and Kurt Russel
Corporate Director of Oshit-Itska retail food services
Cam/Anarch Characters: Kadar, has secret agendas for his secret agendas

Mistress Lynn Burkett
We, the collective SDS, are very proud to have the illustrious world-reknowned artist, Lynn Burkett, in our humble chapter. Called "Der Strudenkaffel" in some countries (France), she is worshipped for her insightful... insightfullness. The secrets of chaos are not unknown to her, and she uses them to warp the minds of poor young man-creatures like James Zarones. All hail Eris!
Position: MIA
Cam/Anarch Characters: Michelle, the Nos most likely to psychotically kill you if you backstab her

Pilot Jack "Dandy" Cote
Once again, we are fortunate enough to have retreived the wreckage of the downed airship "Mariner" and the lucky b*stard who crashed it into the Burmuda Triangle. Jack, a fabled member of the original Triad-style Straw Dogs, now comes in three new flavors and the color Blue (for our pleasure)! We have graciously re-accepted him to the flock to worship our dark lord Sephir-... I mean, storyteller. He used to drive a bus full of screaming monkey-children. Hee...
Position: MIA
Cam/Anarch Characters: Jeff(rey), Don't Mess with the Mute Malkavian!
Garou Characters: ???
Sabbat Characters: Xavier, new flesh-crafter of the twisted Tzimisce kind


Dennis Digan is a great man whom we all love. It is tragic that he must have such horrendous graphics poking fun at such a kind man. I (Robert, the Marquis of Fairbanks) for one say "stop the terrorizing of this truly unique indivudal." Whom ever created these graphics are sick and twisted people and should be payed mass ammounts of money to go live in such a terrible place as Paris, France whereupon they can spend their entire lives jobless and living in extreme upperclass comfort! So don't laugh at these horrendous images, you are only provoking further harm to such a sensitive and wonderful man as Dennis Digan.

Maintained by: Brighton