Title: Therese DeMonet aka Therese Siricci aka DJ Rain aka Sita

Clan: Toreador by accident, Nosferatu by adoption

Occupation: Missing

Apparent Age: 22

Famous For: Her places of work becoming slaughter houses

Common Quote: "Killed anyone lately?"

Played By: Brighton Wood
Character Bio: Therese is almost as new to the city as she is to vampiric society, but already she knows the secrets and desires of some of the most powerful kindred in the city. Once the Harpy of Fairbanks, Therese now harshly criticizes her elders (and gets away with it), travels the sewers, listens to "them," and is rumored to have been blood-bound to an antagonistic Autarkis Nosferatu. The recent change to her normally passionate and outgoing personality is obvious and noticeable. Spending a month stuck in a tiny dark room in the warrens will do that to ya. Not to mention the huge dent it puts in your social life.

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