Chapter Report Archive

Listed below are all of the Chapter Reports. For your viewing pleasure, the newest report will be first on the list, and the oldest shall be last. Enjoy!

Special Events
April2002Rob MichaudToreador Ball (TOD)
March2002Rob MichaudAlaska Native Arts Festival
February2002Rob MichaudQueen of the Damned
January2002Rob MichaudChapter Blood Donation
December2001Rob MichaudFall Film Festival
November2001Brighton WoodAcademia Gnostica
October2001Rob MichaudSamhain Celebration
September2001Rob MichaudOutdoor Moot
August2001Rob MichaudStrawdog's first Birthday!
July2001Rob MichaudSecurity Fest
June2001Rob MichaudBoy Scout Basketball
May2001Rob MichaudEnd of Spring Semester
April2001Rob MichaudSpring Film Festival
March2001Ian BillingtonChapter Blood Donation
Febuary2001Ian Billington
January2001Ian Billington
December2000Ian Billington
November2000Ian BillingtonChapter Blood Donation
October2000Ian Billington
September2000Ian Billington
August2000Ian BillingtonFirst Chapter Report

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